New Minimum Wage Research

Suggests what you might call the textbook result:

The hike in the minimum wage thus appears to have raised the wage for low-skilled workers but made it harder for them to find jobs.

Full paper here. From the summary:

…because we identify targeted workers on a population-wide basis, our approach is relatively well suited for extrapolating to estimates of the minimum wage’s effects on aggregate employment. Over the late 2000s, the average effective minimum wage rose by 30 percent across the United States. We estimate that these minimum wage increases reduced the national employment-to-population ratio by 0.7 percentage point

This is about as close to a controlled experiment as we can get. They looked at individual states and separated those for whom the federal wage was still under the state wage, comparing them to states where the minimum wage was operative. Add this to the pile of work that contradicts Card & Krueger.

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