Random Observations About Bonaire

I’ve been spending a wonderful week diving and relaxing at Harbour Village, in Bonaire. I have just a few unorganized observations:

  • This is a day destination for Royal Caribbean. The Horreure of the Seas was in here yesterday. The whole town of kralendijk transformed from sleepy nowheresville to enormous trinket shop for the day. We hid in the resort.
  • I did not expect to see a reference to a Shofar here in the Caribbean. But there is an island accounting firm called Shofar accounting.
  • The wind here is strong and constant. The bay between the main island and Klein Bonaire is one of the best kitesurfing spots I’ve seen.
  • If you don’t dive, sail or kitesurf, there isn’t too much for you here (Except the climate). Harbour Village has the best beach apart from the uninhabited Klein Bonaire
  • Harbour Village is luxurious, but dive-oriented. The hotel staff are a little diffident in general. The dive staff, on the other hand, are really friendly and helpful.
  • As I type this there is a gorgeous orange and black bird on our balcony with a descending minor-third whistle call (like a doorbell). A Troupial (icterus icterus)
  •  My eighteen year-ols son is enjoying drinking legally

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