Tax Burden – Interactive graphics

The NYT comes through with a terrific set of interactive graphics on the tax burden over time. Some of the series are subject to the same analytical shortcomings I’ve discussed elsewhere, but they’ve laid data out in a really appealing way.

Despite all the animus about the Bush tax cuts, they cut taxes faster for lower income taxpayers than earlier cuts, so you see rates going down faster at lower incomes in the later periods. The graphic also makes the point that these gains have been partially to fully offset by higher state and local taxes.  This is an issue – real estate and payroll taxes fall on the first dollar of income, although you can save real estate taxes by not over-consuming housing as so many did.

From a related article:

The difference between the two time frames is that while upper-income households have seen the largest percentage decline in the overall period since 1980, the rest of the population has seen the largest percentage declines in the years since Reagan’s presidency.

Anyway, have fun exploring the data.

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