Fix your soul – by doing…something.

Umair Haque has big plans for you:

Like what? Like reinventing the rusting iron core of the economic solar system, GDP — to include the costs of planetary catastrophe. Like reimagining national accounts — to count not just money and machines, but stuff that matters, like creativity. Like redesigning democracy — so much so that ordinary folks like you and I can rewrite constitutions. Like reinventing corporations — to create more than just shareholder value. Like redefining “reporting” — to include the real human impact institutions have, not just the “profit” they mindlessly generate. Like revolutionizing our conception of what prosperity is and why it matters — to encompass the quiet wholeness and furious incandescence of a life well lived.

You might think the above is either the outline of my new science fiction screenplay, or the utopian output of a brainstorming session I had with the world’s coolest kindergarten class.

Not even the latter. I’m afraid it sounds like pablum to me. It has something to do with institutional breakdown and not making powerpoints. This guy is a young curmudgeon. The world is going to hell, but be optimistic!

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